The highest quality of wood

In order to offer houses of the highest quality, SFP Wood uses the Scandinavian spruce wood known for its durability in the production process.

It has been recognized as a species with the greatest potential in the construction industry! Scandinavian spruce wood has been appreciated due to its extraordinary durability. Growing in the harsh climate of Scandinavia, it has smaller annual increments, which translates into an increase in resistance to damage. Due to its relatively low density, the material is easy to work with, while being resistant to loads. Scandinavian spruce is known for its light yellowish color.

The direction of the fibers is usually straight with sparse spirals. Cores and resin bubbles are rare in the raw material, thanks to which it owes its popularity in construction. Scandinavian spruce has many uses. It is considered as an ideal material for construction elements, and is also suitable for the production of furniture, floors, paneling, exterior façades as well as roofing.